18 all-tube, all-analog preamp circuits curated from the best guitar amps ever created

Now available, the MGP-1A Modeling Guitar Preamp is driven by our patented VEnuM™ modeling engine. VEnuM™ rewires the 100% analog signal path around four 12AX7 vacuum tubes to create the most authentic and realistic preamp models of eighteen of the most famous guitar amplifiers in history. Handmade with the highest quality analog components, there is no digital or solid-state circuitry in the signal path.

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The MGP-1A Goes International

We’re excited to announce the MGP-1A Modeling Guitar Preamplifier will begin shipping internationally the week of July 3rd, 2017. To order, simply go to the MGP-1A product page by clicking here The revolutionary MGP-1A is the result of almost 8 years of research and development and is the first preamplifier to offer modeling with an all-tube, all-analog signal path. The…

The MGP-1A is Now Available

It’s official… we’re live. The MGP-1A Modeling Guitar Preamplifier is in full production. Customers in North America can now purchase them through our website here.  We’re excited to see what you are able to do with these guys in your rigs! Feedback from our pre-order customers has been amazing. The compliments cover nearly every aspect of the design: how great they…

Pre-order NOW!

Want a MGP-1A Modeling Guitar Preamplifier before anyone else AND for less than everyone else!? We’re offering up 20 units for a discounted price ($200 off). These units will ship the week of Dec 12th, 2016. This promotion is only available for North American customers. International customers will have a separate promotion in the near future. For complete details, visit…